Blue Cat Technical

We are a small consultancy specialising in Data Analysis and the development of Analysis Tools to help you make the right decisions in your business.

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Blue Cat Technical has provided its services to a range of clients from Air Traffic Management to the Health Service. Over the years we have utlised a wide variety of tools to provide the best fit solution for the customer environment. We specialise in Data Analysis using R and the development of Shiny data analysis tools. With this expertise we have improved our clients' decision making process; whether it's providing supporting safety case evidence for air traffic managment concepts or optimising cost saving initiatives in a multi-million pound health budget. More recently we have taken this experience and applied it to the development of sports data analysis tools (just for fun, because it really interests us, and basically we're geeks), examples of which can be found here (Shiny Apps)

Blue Cat Technical was founded in 2008 giving us over 10 years of independent consultancy experience preceded by more than 10 years of corporate experience.

Our Services

Data Analysis

As Specialists in R we have provided data analysis services to a range of clients in the Air Traffic Management, Defence and Health industries. Through this work we have helped change the way in which aircraft arrive at one of the worlds busiest airports amongst other acolades.

Analysis Tools

We are experienced analysis tool developers ranging from bespoke tools supporting our Data Analysis services to Dashboards aiding the client decision making process. We have the capabilities to utlise a range of software (R, Shiny, Visual Studio, JS, PHP, HTML) to suit the client environment.


We have experience in designing, developing and maintaining databases required to manage data, ranging from a few thousand staff records to billions of records of air traffic data. Depending on the customer requrements we are able to utlise Postgres, MySQL and SQL Server.

Analysis Planning and Management

Through our many years of experience we have developed the skills to continuously work with the client, providing what they need as our understanding of the problem evolves. This dynamic approach distinguishes us by giving the client a truely tailored and relevant solution.