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Team Hub

Team Hub is a comprehensive team management system designed specifically for professional sports teams, with a focus on professional cycling. Our 'out of the box' Team Hub provides a single source of truth to manage all aspects of a professional team from event logistics to athlete training and race analysis. If you want to take things a step further, we can offer bespoke development to tailor the application to your situation, and integrate with other data sources.

Blue Cat also has close links with leading sport science, endurance coaching and nutrition expertise to further enhance the support that we can provide.

Contact us today at to learn more about how a bespoke Team Hub can benefit your team.

Team Hub Features

Event Management

  • Import/Sync races from First Cycling to create your season calendar.
  • High level view of “Event Information Completeness” to ensure all aspects of staffing, logistics etc. have been considered.
Event Management


  • Auto flight schedule population from TRAVELNET.
  • Manages multiple races (streams).
  • Standardised logistics reports.

Race Metrics

  • Import course data from VeloViewer (Climbs, Feeds, Key Points).
  • Automatic sync with Open-Meteo to provide historic and forecast weather and air quality data.
Race Metrics

Performance Plan

  • Synchronise rider comments from Intervals.
  • Utilise AI to translate to a common language.
  • Text analytics of rider and staff race feedback.
Performance Plan

Rider Status

  • Expert weekly Red Amber Green (RAG) assessment.
  • Qualitative and quantitative daily metrics summary.
Rider Status


  • Estimated and actual race kJ.
  • Detailed daily nutrition planning and monitoring.

Equipment Management

  • Default configurations for different conditions.
  • Recommended tyre pressure based on the conditions.
  • Email notification of incidents in real time.
  • Standardised puncture reports.
Equipment Management

Coaches Corner

  • Collated view of “My Riders” in a single location.
  • Ability to define current and historic rider parameters.
  • CP and W’ trend analysis (fresh and fatigued).
  • Power duration analysis (fresh and fatigued).
  • Within team and WT power comparisons.
  • Training volume monitoring.
  • Automated performance tracking report.
  • Planning for the future.
  • Full synchronisation with Intervals.
Coaches Corner

EnDuRA (Endurance Durability and Repeatability Analyser)

  • Free online application supporting sports science research.
  • Detailed activity analysis tool developed in conjunction with Dr Stephen Seiler.
  • Ability to import data directly from Intervals.
  • Multiple activity comparison analysis.
  • Critical power, sprint and step test analysis.

Race Analysis

  • Premium EnDuRA add-on integrated with the Team Hub.
  • Automatic identification of riders and races.
  • Auto alignment of rider and course (VeloViewer) files.
  • Elevation and distance correction of rider files.
  • Own team and opponent data comparison.
  • Sector analysis.
  • Cornering and climb analysis.
Race Analysis

Intervals Integration

  • Two way integration of information between the Team Hub and Intervals including travel, training, wellness and injury data.
  • Race plans.
  • Detailed race and training analysis.